Bitcoin wallet with bitcoin coin

Which Bitcoin Wallet Should I Choose?

There is a significant number of different wallets to choose from. Which wallet you should choose depends on several factors. For example, have you just started trading in cryptocurrencies, or are you more experienced? Would you like to buy a small amount or invest a large sum?

Creating a bitcoin wallet is simple. There are roughly three types of wallets: mobile wallets, software wallets, and hardware wallets. Mobile and software wallets are often free. Each class has multiple providers, and each wallet has its characteristics about things such as ease of use and security.

Mobile Wallet: Managing Your Coins Using a Smartphone


  • Carry your wallet with you
  • Free


  • Less safe than a hardware wallet

Software Wallet: Managing Your Coins Using a Computer


  • Managing your coins using your PC or laptop
  • Free


  • Less safe than a hardware wallet

Hardware Wallet: Managing Your Cryptocurrencies from a Physical Device


  • Safest storage method


How Do I Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

Which wallet suits you best depends on several factors, such as your buying needs and what you would like to use the bitcoins for. When you’ve just started buying bitcoin, an online wallet is the most accessible and user-friendly way to manage them. A much-used free wallet is Coinomi. This wallet also supports other coins. You set up a Coinomi wallet by following these steps:

  1. Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android).
  2. Search and download Coinomi.
  3. Open the app and write down your 24-words recovery phrase. Very important, this will be the backup to your wallet!
  4. Set a strong password
  5. Add bitcoin to your wallet
  6. Use your receiving address to receive bitcoin
Bitcoin wallet send and recive-bitcoin

How Do I Receive or Send Bitcoin?

When buying or receiving bitcoin, you use the receiving address from your wallet. We can’t emphasize it enough: copy and paste this address, do not write or type it. A bitcoin receiving address is similar to the bank account number on which you receive your bitcoin. But where do you find your bitcoin receiving address?

The Receiving Address

First, log into your wallet. The receiving address can be found in most wallets under the button ‘Receive.’ There are wallets in which a bitcoin receiving address will automatically change once used for a transaction. This is in consideration of your privacy. But don’t worry: ‘old’ receiving addresses will always stay valid and linked to your wallet.


For receiving bitcoin in your wallet, copy the receiving address from your wallet, and paste it on the BTC Direct order form. This way, we’ll know which wallet to send the coins to.


Sending bitcoin is just as easy! Click on ‘Send’ in your wallet. Enter the receiving address you’ve copied from the recipient. Fill in how much you would like to send, and confirm.